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Why you should participate:

Let's get students coding! 


TechArt Hour of Code

Largest Student-Sourced and Coded Digital Display

Who Should Participate

  • Any student in Utah 
  • Anyone who wants to see how code works

How It Works

December 4-8, 2018 is National Computer Science Education Week and everyone is encouraged to spend an hour learning how to code. This site makes is easy!

Abbie Rogers

I got to learn how to code in an hour, create a digital art piece, and see the result of my creativity. 


STEM Careers allow me to integrate creativity and innovation. The opportunity to participate across with schools across the state to create a #girl-sourced digital display was inspiring. 

Emma Thomas


Creating something together with others was inspiring, and showed me how I can be part of the greater tech community. 

Sophie Wright


Start Coding